AWS-Cloud-Training-weekends-April-4PM-7PM 2021

Language: Hindi and English

Instructors: Shyam Sir

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Course Curriculum

Module-1: Introduction to Cloud Computing
AWS Certified Solution Architect-Associate (SAA-C02) (7 pages)
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Introduction to AWS (13 pages)
Topic-1: What is Cloud Computing? (167:00)
Topic-2: AWS Certifications (25:00)
Topic-3: AWS Training Syllabus (40:00)
Topic-4: How to create AWS Account (15:00)
Topic-5: AWS Global Infrastructure (21:00)
Topic-6: How to choose region for App (16:00)
Topic-7: How to manage your AWS Account (20:00)
Topic-8: Create your first EC2 Instance (126:00)
Module-2: VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)
VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) (10 pages)
Topic-1: Basic Networking Concepts (94:00)
Topic-2: What is VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)? (61:00)
Topic-3: How to Create custom VPC (93:00)
Topic-4: Difference between private, public and Elastic IPs (60:00)
Topic-5: Security Group (85:00)
Topic-6: NACL (Network Access Control Lists) (84:00)
Topic-7: VPC Peering (75:00)
Topic-8: ENIC (Elastic Network Interface Card) (36:00)
Topic-9: VPC Limits and Pricing (16:00)
Module-3: VPN (Virtual Private Network)
Topic-1: How many types of VPN in AWS? (40:00)
Topic-2: How to setup Open VPN Server (21:00)
Topic-3: How to setup VPN Client Endpoints (27:00)
Topic-4: How to setup site to site VPN (38:00)
Module-4: EBS (Elastic Block Storage)
Block Level Storage (1 pages)
Topic-1: What is EBS? (65:00)
Topic-2: How to create EBS Volume? (50:00)
Topic-3: How to extend/reduce EBS Volume (56:00)
Topic-4: How to create custom AMI (34:00)
Topic-5: How to create snapshot (36:00)
Topic-6: How to share volume cross AZ, region and AWS Account (22:00)
Topic-7: Concepts of IOPS and EBS Pricing (19:00)
Module-5: Ephemeral Storage
Ephemeral Storage (1 pages)
Topic-1: What is Ephemeral Storage (17:00)
Topic-2: Launch Instance with Eph Disk (1,390:00)
Module-6: EFS (Elastic File System)
EFS (Elastic File System) (2 pages)
Topic-1: What is EFS? (30:00)
Topic-2: How to create EFS File System (61:00)
Module-7: IAM (Identity and Access Management)
IAM (Identity and Access Management)
Topic-1: What is IAM (2,744:00)
Topic-2: How to create IAM user (1,685:00)
Topic-3: How to write IAM Policy (3,161:00)
Topic-4: IAM Roles (39:00)
Topic-5: Cross Account Management (32:00)
Topic-6: MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) (10:00)
Module-8: S3 (Simple Storage Service)

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