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Course Curriculum

Module-1: Introduction to Cloud Computing
AWS Course Content
Introduction to Cloud Computing
Topic-1 (99:00)
Topic-2 (112:00)
Module-2: VPC
VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)
IP Addressing with Subnetting
Topic-1 (105:00)
Topic-2 (144:00)
Module-3: EBS
EBS Volume
Topic-1 (128:00)
Module-4: Instance store
Topic-1 (98:00)
Module-5: EFS
EFS (Elastic File System)
Topic-1 (102:00)
Day-6: IAM
IAM (Identity and Access Management)
Topic-1 (30:00)
Topic-2 (116:00)
Module-7: S3
S3 (Simple Storage Service)
Topic-1 (122:00)
How to Connect S3 bucket from Ec2 using FUSE
Topic-2 (128:00)
Module-8: EC2
EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)
Topic-1 (120:00)
Module-9: S3-Glacier
S3 Glacier
Topic-1 (109:00)
Module-10: ELB
Elastic Load Balancing
Topic-1 (130:00)
Module-11: ASG
ASG (Auto Scaling Group)
Topic-1 (127:00)
Module-12: CloudWatch
Topic-1 (68:00)
Module-13: Route53
Topic-1 (71:00)
Module-14: Lambda
Topic-1 (54:00)
Module-15: SNS
SNS (Simple Notification Service)
Topic-1 (34:00)
Module-16: Cloudformation
Topic-1 (41:00)
Module-17: RDS
RDS (Relation Database Service)
Topic-1 (89:00)
Module-20: Exam
ExamDump & Interview Que
Module-18: Migration
1. IAM User Permission Policy Code
2. Required Service Role
3. Policy Code for Role
4. Container-json File Format
5. vmmigration-AWS Site
6. vmmigration-Steps Required
VM Import Export in AWS
Topic-1 (83:00)
Module-19: VPN
VPN (Virtual Private Network)
Topic-1 (78:00)
Site-to-Site Tunnel
Topic-2 (46:00)
Topic-3 (57:00)

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