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Instructors: Vijay Sir

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Course Curriculum

Day-1 Session
Azure-10apr-Intro-to-cloud-computing-I (112:00)
Azure-10apr-Intro-to-cloud-computing-II (97:00)
Day-2 Session
Azure-10apr-resource-group-and-vm (10,408:00)
Azure-10apr-Networking-1 (11,451:00)
Day-3 Session
Azure-10apr-vnet-dns-endpoint (165:00)
Azure-10apr-CLI-Bastion-n-NSG (9,435:00)
Day-4 Session
Azure-10apr-storage-class-7 (133:00)
Azure-10apr-Firewall-LB-Class8 (147:00)
Day-5 Session
Azure-10apr-App-GW-1 (86:00)
Azure-10apr-Class-10-AG-VMSS (9,740:00)
Day-6 Session
Azure-10apr-Class11-Docker-AKS (111:00)
Azure-10apr-AKS-final-Class-12 (7,000:00)
Day-7 Session
Azure-Monitoring-Class-13-20210522_102344-Meeting Recording (116:00)
Azure-Class-15-Azure-AD-20210529_101323-Meeting Recording (123:00)
AzureClass-16-Migration-20210530_105714-Meeting Recording (61:00)

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