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Instructors: Shyam Sir

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Why this course?


Course Curriculum

Day-1 Discussion about cloud and Azure Features
Day-2 Class
Day-3 Class
Day-4 Class
Day-5 Class
Azure-Batch-5th-dec-20-class-01-part01 (2,145:00)
Azure-Batch-5th-dec-20-class-01-part02 (23:00)
Azure-Batch-5th-dec-20-class-02 (5,432:00)
Day-6 Class
Azure-Batch-5th-dec-20-class-03 (81:00)
Azure-Batch-5th-dec-20-class-04 (91:00)
Day-7 Class
Azure-Batch-5th-dec-20-class-06-azure-cli-27-feb (5,630:00)
Day-8 Class
Azure-Batch-5th-dec-20-class-07-azure-cli-28-feb (5,364:00)
Day-9 Classes
Azure-Batch-5th-dec-20-class-08-AKS-13-mar (122:00)
Azure-Batch-5th-dec-20-class-09-aks-db-14-mar (99:00)
Day-10 Class
Azure-Batch-5th-dec-20-class-10-IAM-20-mar (85:00)
Azure-Batch-5th-dec-20-class-11-Migration-21-mar (4,028:00)

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